Compton Community College - Board of Trustees - Policies & Procedures



Policies and Procedures


Board Policies
The District
  Issue Date  
BP-1100 Compton Community College District 05/16/17  
BP-1200 Mission, Vision, and Strategic Initiatives 12/15/15  
Board of Trustees Issue Date  
BP-2010 Board Membership 06/16/15  
BP-2020 Student Trustee 06/19/18  
BP-2100 Board Elections 07/18/17  
BP-2110 Filing Qualification Statement for Trustee Candidate 05/15/18  
BP-2200 Board Duties and Responsibilities 04/19/16  
BP-2210 Officers 07/21/15  
BP-2300 Regular Meetings of the Board 10/20/09  
BP-2305 Annual Organizational Meeting 07/21/15  
BP-2310 Closed Sessions 03/21/17  
BP-2320 Special and Emergency Meetings 10/20/09  
BP-2340 Agendas 05/17/16  
BP-2350 Public Participation 12/15/15  
BP-2360 Minutes 05/17/16  
BP-2370 Representatives at Board Meetings 08/19/16  
BP-2410 Board Policies, Administrative Regulations and Procedures 08/13/14  
BP-2420 CEO/Provost Selection 11/17/09  
BP-2430 Delegation of Authority to the CEO 04/19/17  
BP-2432 CEO Succession 05/15/18  
BP-2450 CEO Evaluation 02/20/18  
BP-2510 Participation in Local Decision Making 06/20/17  
BP-2520 Academic Senate 05/19/15  
BP-2710 Conflict of Interest 06/21/16  
BP-2715 Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice 11/13/12  
BP-2720 Communication Among Board Members 12/15/09  
BP-2725 Board Member Compensation 06/08/10  
BP-2726 Student Trustee Compensation 05/08/15  
BP-2735 Board Member Travel 02/20/18  
BP-2740 Board Education 08/18/15  
BP-2750 Board Self Evaluation 08/15/17  
BP-2760 Board Political Activity and Resolutions 09/12/17  
General Institution Issue Date  
BP-3100 Organizational Structure 11/17/09  
BP-3250 Institutional Planning 10/18/16  
BP-3280 Grants 12/15/09  
BP-3300 Public Records 08/15/17  
BP-3310 Citizens Oversight Committee 03/16/09  
BP-3320 Naming of Buildings 03/16/10  
BP-3330 Access to Facilities and Property 03/16/10  
BP-3340 Energy and Sustainability 07/18/17  
BP-3410 Nondiscrimination 04/19/17  
BP-3420 Equal Employment Opportunity 04/19/17  
BP-3430 Prohibition of Harassment 05/16/17  
BP-3500 Campus Safety 12/12/17  
BP-3505 Emergency Response Plan 12/12/17  
BP-3515 Reporting of Crimes 03/13/18  
BP-3530 Weapons on Campus 07/18/17  
BP-3540 Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus 05/16/17  
BP-3550 Drug Free Environment & Drug Prevention Program 06/11/14  
BP-3560 Alcoholic Beverages 05/17/16  
BP-3570 District Smoking Policy 05/20/14  
BP-3600 Auxiliary Organizations 03/16/10  
BP-3715 Intellectual Property 10/20/15  
BP-3720 Computer and Network Use 10/20/15  
BP-3810 Claims Against the District 01/26/16  
BP-3900 Speech:  Time, Place and Manner 12/12/17  
Academic Affairs Issue Date  
BP-4010 Academic Calendar 07/18/17  
BP-4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development 10/18/16  
BP-4021 Program Discontinuance 05/18/18  
BP-4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degrees and General Education 10/18/16  
BP-4030 Academic Freedom 01/17/17  
BP-4040 Library and Learning Support Services 04/17/18  
BP-4045 Textbooks and Instructional Materials 04/17/18  
BP-4050 Articulation 06/20/17  
BP-4055 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities 04/17/18  
BP-4070 Course Auditing and Auditing Fees 04/17/18  
BP-4100.1 Catalog Rights 06/19/18  
BP-4100 Graduation Requirement for Degrees and Certificates 06/19/18  
BP-4101 Independent Study 06/19/18  
BP-4106 Nursing Program 06/19/18  
BP-4220 Standards of Scholarship 05/15/18  
BP-4222 Limitation to Remedial Coursework 05/15/18  
BP-4225 Course Repetition Procedure 06/19/18  
BP-4226 Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments 06/19/18  
BP-4230 Grading and Academic Record 06/19/18  
BP-4231 Grade Change 06/19/18  
BP-4235 Credit by Examination 04/17/18  
BP-4240 Academic Renewal 04/17/18  
BP-4250 Probation, Dismissal and Readmission 06/19/18  
BP-4260 Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites 10/18/16  
BP-4245 Academic Rank 10/01/13  
BP-4300 Field Trips and Excursions 06/20/17  
BP-4400 Community Service 06/19/18  
Student Services Issue Date  
BP-5015 Residence Determination 08/21/18  
BP-5020 Non-Residence Tuition 08/21/18  
BP-5030 Fees 07/19/16  
BP-5032 Student Activities Fee 08/21/18  
BP-5050 Student Success and Support Program 12/13/16  
BP-5052 Open Enrollment 06/19/18  
BP-5110 Counseling 12/13/16  
BP-5120 Transfer Center 12/13/16  
BP-5130 Financial Aid 12/13/16  
BP-5140 Disabled Student Programs and Services 04/19/17  
BP-5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 12/13/16  
BP-5200 Student Health Services 12/15/15  
BP-5205 Student Accident Insurance 05/16/17  
BP-5220 Shower Facilities for Homeless Students 06/20/17  
BP-5300 Student Equity 11/21/16  
BP-5400 Associated Student Body 06/20/17  
BP-5410 Associated Student Body Elections 09/11/18  
BP-5420 Associated Student Body Finance 09/11/18  
BP-5510 Off-Campus Student Organization 08/21/18  
BP-5570 Student Credit Card Solicitations 05/15/18  
BP-5700 Athletics 07/18/18  
BP-5800 Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Transactions 07/18/17  
Business Office Issue Date  
BP-6100 Delegation of Authority 02/17/09  
BP-6150 Designation of Authorized Signatures 03/24/14  
BP-6200 Budget Preparation 10/24/14  
BP-6250 Budget Management 09/15/09  
BP-6300 Fiscal Management 02/17/09  
BP-6307 Debt Issuance and Management 07/18/18  
BP-6310 Payroll 12/12/17  
BP-6320 Investments 06/16/09  
BP-6330 Purchasing 02/12/17  
BP-6340 Contracts 12/12/17  
BP-6400 Audits 12/11/12  
BP-6450 Wireless or Cellular Telephone Use 06/16/09  
BP-6500 Real Property 06/16/09  
BP-6520 Fixed Asset Security and Accounting 06/16/09  
BP-6540 Insurance 10/18/16  
BP-6550 Disposal of Property 10/18/16  
BP-6600 Capital Construction 10/16/12  
BP-6700 Civic Center - Other Facilities Use 12/15/15  
BP-6750 Parking 06/20/17  
Human Resources Issue Date  
BP-7100 Commitment to Diversity 04/19/17  
BP-7110 Delegation of Authority, Human Resources 10/20/09  
BP-7120 Recruitment and Selection 08/18/15  
BP-7130 Compensation 10/20/09  
BP-7140 Collective Bargaining 01/19/10  
BP-7210 Academic Employees 10/18/16  
BP-7230 Classified Employees 01/19/10  
BP-7240 Confidential Employees 11/15/16  
BP-7250 Educational Administrators 11/15/16  
BP-7260 Classified Supervisors 11/15/16  
BP-7270 Unclassified Employees 11/15/16  
BP-7310 Nepotism 11/15/16  
BP-7320 Health Examinations 12/13/16  
BP-7330 Communicable Disease 05/18/18  
BP-7340 Leaves 10/18/16  
BP-7345 Catastrophic Leave Program 12/15/15  
BP-7350 Resignations 10/18/16  
BP-7360 Discipline and Dismissal - Academic Employees 12/13/16  
BP-7370 Discipline and Dismissal - Classified Employees 12/13/16  
BP-7390 Salary Deductions 12/13/16  
BP-7400 Employee Travel 07/18/17  
BP-7500 Volunteers 02/07/12  
BP-7510 Domestic Partners 07/20/10  
BP-7700 Whistleblower Protection 10/18/16  
BP-7710 Political Activity 06/08/10  
Safety Issue Date  
BP-8100 Campus Safety 07/21/09  
BP-8200 Emergency Response Plan 07/21/09  
BP-8300 Workplace Violence Plan 12/13/16  
BP-8410 Child Abuse Reporting 12/13/16  
BP-8440 Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus 12/13/16  
BP-8500 Illness and Injury Prevention 11/15/16  
Administrative Regulations
Board of Trustees Issue Date  
AR-2020 Student Trustee 06/19/18  
AR-2311 Derogatory Communications 04/19/16  
AR-2321 Special and emergency Meeting Notifications 10/20/09  
AR-2341 Agenda Development & Notification 07/18/16  
AR-2411 Board Policies & Administrative Procedures 09/09/14  
AR-2421 President/CEO Selection Process 09/12/17  
AR-2511 Council and Committee Structure 11/21/17  
AR-2711 Conflict of Interest Disclosure 12/15/09  
AR-2735 Board Reimbursement of Travel Expenses 02/20/18  
General Institution Issue Date  
AR-3101 Management Organization Chart 11/21/17  
AR-3281 Grants Applications 11/21/17  
AR-3301 Capital Construction Planning 03/16/10  
AR-3302 Bond Program Management 03/16/10  
AR-3311 Citizens Oversight Committee Membership & Meetings 06/16/15  
AR-3321 Criteria for Naming Buildings and Other Facilities 03/16/10  
AR-3331 Key Issuance and Return 03/16/10  
AR-3333 Campus Closure 03/16/10  
AR-3341 Energy Conservation 11/21/17  
AR-3342 Water Management 11/21/17  
AR-3343 Sustainable Building 11/21/17  
AR-3344 Physical Plant 11/21/17  
AR-3431 Prohibition of Harassment 09/08/15  
AR-3530 Weapons on Campus 07/18/17  
AR-3571 District Smoking Policy 03/27/12  
AR-3601 Auxiliary Organization Protocols 11/21/17  
AR-3811 Claims Against the District 01/26/16  
AR-3900 Speech:  Time, Place and Manner 12/12/17  
Academic Affairs Issue Date  
AR-4021 Program Discontinuance 05/15/18  
AR-4050 Articulation 07/17/18  
AR-4102 Career and Technical Education Programs 06/19/18  
AR-4103 Cooperative Work Experience 06/19/18  
AR-4105 Distance Education 06/19/18  
AR-4225 Course Repetition Procedure 06/19/18  
AR-4227 Repeatable Courses 07/17/18  
AR-4230 Grading and Academic Record Symbols 06/19/18  
AR-4231 Grade Change 05/15/18  
AR-4235 Credit by Examination 04/17/18  
AR-4236 Advance Placement Credit 07/17/18  
AR-4240 Academic Renewal 04/17/18  
AR-4300 Field Trips and Excursions 09/12/17  
Student Services Issue Date  
AR-5031 Fees 05/02/16  
AR-5050 Student Success and Support Program 12/13/16  
AR-5110 Counseling 12/13/16  
AR-5120 Transfer Center 12/13/16  
AR-5130 Financial Aid 12/13/16  
AR-5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 12/13/16  
AR-5220 Shower Facilities for Homeless Students 05/16/17  
Business Office Issue Date  
AR-6201 Budget Calendar 03/17/09  
AR-6251 Budget Management 02/17/09  
AR-6252 Position Control 06/16/09  
AR-6301 Cash Receipt and Handling 02/17/09  
AR-6302 Accounts Payable 02/17/09  
AR-6307 Debt Issuance and Management 07/17/18  
AR-6310 Attendance and Time Reporting 08/21/18  
AR-6331 Procurement 02/17/09  
AR-6332 Use of Credit Cards 04/17/18  
AR-6333 Revolving Fund 03/13/18  
AR-6341 Contracts 07/01/14  
AR-6401 Audits 11/17/15  
AR-6450 Mobile Communication Device 10/18/16  
AR-6520 Fixed Asset Security and Accounting 09/06/13  
AR-6535 Use of District Equipment 09/06/13  
AR-6552 Records Retention and Destruction 09/21/09  
AR-6601 Capital Construction Planning 10/16/12  
AR-6602 Bond Program Management 10/16/12  
AR-6701 Civic Center Other Facilities Use 12/15/15  
Human Resources Issue Date  
AR-7101 Equal Employment Opportunity 09/08/15  
AR-7111 Delegation of Authority 07/21/15  
AR-7112 Personnel Assignment Authority 07/21/15  
AR-7121 Administrative Recruitment and Selection 10/20/09  
AR-7122 Faculty Recruitment and Selection 10/20/09  
AR-7123 Classified Recruitment and Selection 10/20/09  
AR-7124 Unclassified Recruitment and Selection 10/20/09  
AR-7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment 10/20/09  
AR-7126 Applicant Background Checks 10/20/09  
AR-7271 Student Employee Employment Requirements 01/17/12  
AR-7311 Nepotism Prohibited Conduct 04/19/10  
AR-7345 Catastrophic Leave Program 03/22/16  
AR-7400 Travel 05/10/18  
AR-7501 Volunteers 02/07/12  
AR-7701 Whistleblower Reporting Protocol 09/06/13  
Safety Issue Date  
AR-8500 Illness and Injury Prevention 11/15/16  
AR-8501 Transportation Safety 03/15/10  
AR-8502 Illness and Injury Prevention Program 03/15/10  
AR-8503 Hazardous Material Communication Program 03/15/10  
Administrative Procedures
General Institution Issue Date  
AP-3301A Public Records 05/16/2012  
Student Services Issue Date  
AP-5551A Speech:  Time, Place and Manner 11/17/15  
Business Office Issue Date  
AP-6251A Budget and Expenditure Management 09/15/09  
AP-6252A Position Control 06/28/10  
AP-6341B Facilities Order 03/15/10  
AP-6341C Personal Services Agreement 03/15/10  
AP-6701A Civic Center Other Facilities Use 12/15/15  
Human Resources Issue Date  
AP-7112A Personnel Assignment Processing (PAR) 03/15/10  
Business Office Issue Date  
FORM-6311A-1 Absence Report 06/24/15  
FORM-6311A-2 Time Report 06/24/15  
FORM-6251A Budget Transfer Request 04/08/15  
FORM-6251B Expenditure Transfer Request 09/15/09  
FORM-6341B Facilities Order Agreement 03/15/10  
FORM-6341C Personal Services Agreement 03/15/10  
FORM-6701A-1 Facility Use Application-Permit 09/26/16  
FORM-6701A-5 Facility Reservation Guidelines 04/28/09  
FORM-6701A-6 Facility Usage Rules 04/28/09  
Human Resources Issue Date  
FORM-7112A Personnel Assignment Request 03/15/10  
General Institution Issue Date